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We have separate for laboratories for Physical Science, Biological Science, Psychology, Educational Technology and Computer that provide a range of services with state of the art machinery, Audio Visual equipments, modern computer software and e-learning facilities.

Biological Lab

The college has well equipped Technology lab with slide projector, overhead projector, LCD, Television, VCR, geometrical figures, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides, white board, flannel board, etc. of standard quality. Technology lab is being utilized by all the lecturers, M.Ed & B.Ed Students.Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics interesting and effective.

Language Lab

The college has well equipped language lab with sophisticated e-gadgets and audio-visual aid to cater to the need of the students. Each student is provided with headphones to enhance their study experience. Our students make the best use of the facilities made available for them.

Computer Lab

The college offers a well maintained computer lab to facilitate various groups of the students. Computer practical classes and hands on experience are compulsory for all. The computer Laboratory has enough desk-top systems with suitable configuration* which are handled by experienced faculty members.

Psychology Lab

The college has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. The students and members of the faculty make use of these tests for conducting research. The students attain professional knowledge and expertise here. use information technology for professional growth and better teaching learning environment.